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10051 East Dynamite Blvd. Suite G135 Scottsdale, Arizona 85262

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First Step Center

First Step Center is a drug abuse and addiction treatment center in Scottsdale Arizona. They focus on holistic approaches to addiction treatment. This means they prefer to avoid the use of medication, but focus on healthy living.

This branches to multiple aspects of life skills. They treat disordered eating because a healthy diet can be critical to addiction recovery. They provide trauma counseling as well; trauma can be a huge factor in the development of addictions.

First Step’s Complete Care Philosophy

This leads into one of the cornerstones of First Step’s methodology: dual diagnosis treatment. Dual diagnosis is the practice of addressing surrounding mental illnesses when treating addiction. Addiction rarely occurs by itself. Depression, trauma, anxiety, abuse, and low-self esteem can all make addiction more likely to occur and harder to treat.

In the same way that addiction is always affected by context, addiction also affects its environment. As a family-run business, they understand the devastating effect addiction can have on home life. Their goal is to educate families and communities about addiction and mental health disorders.

Recovery is a team effort. That is why they provide a full continuum of care. They have addiction specialists, highly accredited therapists, dieticians, and a registered nurse. First Step knows that every person is capable of compassion and hope.

Reigniting Hope

Their goal is to ignite that hope. By building hope and motivation, they believe that anyone can turn over a new leaf. They provide both inpatient and intensive outpatient programs.

If you choose to stay in a residential program, you’ll be taken care of. They provide a luxury rehab center to make sure you are comfortable. It is tucked away from the city, the climate is almost always sunny, and we provide everything from quality foods to a therapy dog.

Their goal is to make this transition in your life be as painless and as long-lasting as possible.

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