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10780 Santa Monica Blvd.Suite 260Los Angeles, CA 90064

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  • Cocaine Addiction Treatment Program
  • Dual Diagnosis for Men Program
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  • Heroin Addiction Treatment Program
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  • Medical Detox for Alcohol Program
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  • Partial Hospitalization Program
  • Residential Treatment Program

Authentic Recovery Center

If you are searching for a drug detox center near Los Angeles look no further than Authentic Recovery Center. ARC is an accredited drug and alcohol treatment center in West Los Angeles, California. With a residential treatment facility, and a whole spectrum of programs from detox through a vibrant alumni program, they are dedicated to you, the person struggling with the cycle of addiction.

Begin with Authentic Recovery Center

Addiction often is wrapped up in a co-occurring mental disorder. This means that something else, physically or mentally, has affected your need to use, abuse and ultimately become addicted to chemical substances. Since addiction is such a complex and multifaceted disease, no two treatment plans are alike at Authentic Recovery Center. The ultimate goal is abstinence and steady sobriety after rehab.

This Los Angeles rehab center specializes in the treatment of addiction along with co-occurring disorders. This is known as dual diagnosis treatment. Authentic Recovery knows that addiction is not your only problem and they have some treatments to help you with that. With dedicated detox, therapies and alumni community, their comprehensive rehabilitation process will transform your addiction to sobriety. They offer a program for dual diagnosis treatment Los Angeles can trust to look at your personal and drug history to come to a treatment plan that addresses your addiction plus any mental health issues.

Break Free of Addiction

Because everyone has a different history of drug or alcohol use, everyone needs a unique treatment plan. It doesn’t matter how you get to the point that you need help. Authentic Recovery Center crafts an individual treatment protocol based on YOU and your specific addiction and co-occurring issues.

Don’t you deserve a happy, successful drug-free life? At Authentic Recovery Center, they’ll find out where you are in your addiction and what other issues may be blocking true recovery. They have as many varied programs as they do clients; including a professional Los Angeles outpatient drug rehab center. Their comfortable facilities in a warm location are just the place to get down to the business of recovery. You’ll start with their clinical detox and they will guide you through their residential inpatient program. But they don’t leave you there. Aftercare and alumni events keep you focused on your new sobriety for a lifetime.

Start your new life at Authentic Recovery Center in West Los Angeles.

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