Destinations for Teens

Teenagers have particular needs when dealing with issues like addiction and mental illness. They’re more impressionable than adults, and form habits more quickly. However, they are also more adaptable and can make changes with more ease than adults. They also need to continue their education during any treatment programs they participate in. Destinations for Teens aims to give teens the chance to live the life they want and deserve by offering teen addiction treatment in Los Angeles and Nevada.

Specialized Addiction Treatment for Teens

Destinations for Teens has a variety of treatment homes located in Woodland Hills, CA and Las Vegas, Nevada. Each home houses no more than six clients in a residential program at any given time. The limit for their partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, and therapeutic group programs is 12. This allows their team to provide individualized, personal attention to each teenager and their specific needs.

The staff at each location operates under a set of core values that include integrity, dedication, collaboration, and exceptional and accessible care. They work hard to provide the resources that teens need to manage and overcome issues like substance abuse, depression, anxiety, self-injury, trauma, and internet addiction. Their teen depression treatment center and teen internet addiction treatment center, specifically,  have helped countless young adults get their lives back on track.

Family is Important to Recovery

The key to the success of Destinations for Teens’ success is their high level of family involvement. Through Family Systems Therapy, which is a form of psychotherapy, teens and their families learn how to work together toward a common goal. A therapist helps the family unpack their group dynamic, providing them with insight on how to improve their communication. During this important work, priorities realign and relationships improve to help the family function as a single unit rather than fractured pieces. This is critical in the teen’s continued success.

Destinations for Teens offers multiple levels of care, including residential, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, and an alumni program. Their team can determine which will best suit your teen’s needs. For more information, reach out to Destinations for Teens today.

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