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1660 South Albion Street Suite 515 Denver, CO 80222

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Petersen Family Counseling

The family is a system where each member plays a role in supporting the others. When one member of the family begins to struggle, it can adversely affect the rest of the system. Petersen Family Counseling works to help families overcome these issues and rebuild a happy and stable system by offering family counseling in Denver.

About Petersen Family Counseling

There are several reasons why a family system may begin to destabilize. Divorce, disease, addiction, and domestic violence are just a few examples. Sometimes, families simply experience growing pains that cause tension, such as from work stress, moving, or major life events. Petersen Family Counseling understands the diversity of these issues, so they work one-on-one with family members and individuals to identify these issues. Whether you need individual, marital, or family counseling, Petersen Family Counseling is ready to help.

Restabilize Your Family

Petersen Family Counseling helps families through a range of treatment modalities. They employ a diverse team with experience and specializations in several different types of counseling. While some of their therapists specialize in helping repair marriages or relationships, others focus on addressing trauma or codependency. Regardless of what your family system struggles with, you can be sure that Petersen Family Counseling has the resources and expertise to help your family overcome them.

Overcoming Addiction with Loved Ones

For families struggling with addiction, Petersen Family Counseling offers helpful programs ranging from family addiction therapy services to family counseling services. Their therapists work with you to identify the best course of action for helping a family member with addiction. Furthermore, since addiction is a family disease, the therapists at their facility will work with members of the family to help them understand and process the situation. A person struggling with addiction needs the love and support of family members, so helping others in the family understand will result in lasting recovery for the whole family.

For families in Denver, Colorado and surrounding cities, Petersen Family Counseling offers a comprehensive and effective approach to repairing the family system. Reach out today to learn how they can help your family heal.

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