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2522 W Kennedy Blvd,Tampa, FL 3360​9

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Board Prep

BoardPrep Recovery Center in Tampa, Florida is a very unique addiction treatment center that sways away from for-profit, insurance driven rehab facilities. In fact, their mission is to provide the most engaging and effective experience for each of their clients.

High-Quality Treatment at BoardPrep Recovery Center

To provide this high-quality treatment, BoardPrep utilizes the latest and greatest technology in the field today. Moreover, they help their clients practice daily accountability during recovery while implementing proven therapies and treatments.

At BoardPrep, these programs include young adult rehab and addiction treatment for professionals. Outside of addiction therapy, BoardPrep also recognizes the need for mental health treatment and dual diagnosis care for those who are struggling with both an addiction and mental illness.

Build a Community

Specifically, BoardPrep utilizes in-community recovery support and 12 step facilitation to set themselves apart from the rest. In this case, the BoardPrep staff provides home visits and telehealth engagement to keep connected with their clients whenever a need arises.

They also offer residential rehab treatment for those in need of more stability and a safe, supportive environment to focus on their recovery. This includes separate men’s and women’s residences and gender-specific programming. This gives you the comfort you need to open up and express yourself during rehab.

Lasting Recovery

Since July 2014, BoardPrep Recovery Center has been helping their patients recovery from substance abuse in their life. They quickly began to reach the highest standards in the field today, and became accredited by the Joint Commision in August of the same year.

Since then, BoardPrep continues to advance their own educational track within their own staff to continue providing the latest and greatest treatment in Florida. When you are ready to make this critical step toward sobriety in your life, reach out to the professional staff at BoardPrep Recovery Center. Florida provides the perfect setting to relax and completely focus on your overall wellness.

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