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Serenity House Health

Serenity House Health is a network of treatment facilities throughout the United States that offers comprehensive addiction treatment services and detox programs. As a leader in the addiction treatment field, they understand all of the ways that addiction can affect an individual’s life. Therefore, they offer a range of tools and services to help their clients receive the most individualized care possible.

About Serenity House Health

Many treatment facilities make big promises to their clients when they enter the facility. Although recovery is possible, it’s not easy. Serenity House Health will always be transparent with you about your recovery, so you know exactly how you’re doing and what you need to do to continue down your path.

Furthermore, a substance abuse treatment center is only as good as its approaches. Serenity House Health, a drug detox center near Florida, blends holistic and traditional substance abuse treatment modalities to help clients get the best chance of recovery. Every person is different, so while some people thrive in holistic treatment centers, others prefer more evidence-based or traditional methods. Serenity House Health doesn’t make you choose between the two. Instead, you get to experience both practices in the same facility.

Addiction Therapy Services

Serenity House Health also offers comprehensive addiction therapy services. They understand that addiction rarely occurs alone and is often co-occurring with other mental health disorders. Therefore, they provide many group and behavioral therapy options, as well as an entire dual diagnosis treatment program. This way, clients can address all of their issues at once to further prevent relapse after leaving treatment.

Addiction may seem overwhelming, but there’s a way out. Serenity House Health offers locations throughout the United States in Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, and Houston to help individuals from all different types of backgrounds. If you’re ready to see what life free from substance abuse is like, then reach out to the professionals at Serenity House Health to begin your journey.

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