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Memphis Recovery

Memphis Recovery, a drug rehab center in Tennessee, is a non-profit organization. With an almost 50 year history of helping people find recovery, their track record is proof of their passion. Their non-profit model means that they can provide comprehensive treatment at a lower cost, allowing them to help those who need it most.

About Memphis Recovery Center

At MRC, they know that each person’s journey with addiction is different. As such, they believe in providing individualized treatment plans. Their team determines which treatment modalities will benefit each client the most, and crafts a treatment plan around these decisions. They take the time to learn each client’s history, needs, and goals rather than treating them as just a number.

Part of the substance abuse treatment approach at MRC is an emphasis on dual diagnosis care. Mental health disorders often occur alongside addiction. For this reason, the team at MRC has the expertise to offer support for these co-occurring conditions. They believe it’s vitally important to treat both mental health and addiction at the same time. Leaving one untreated can easily lead to a relapse of the other.

Trauma Therapy

A specific focus at Memphis Recovery Centers is trauma therapy. There is a close tie between trauma and addiction. Untreated trauma can cause and exacerbate an addiction for years and even decades. Trauma therapy can help people confront these events and remove their power over their lives.

Memphis Recovery Centers offers programs for both teenagers and adults. Their youth program serves teens aged 13-17 on its own campus. This separate environment gives teens the space and attention they need to focus on their recovery. They also offer in-house schooling for teens in their care. Their adult program provides gender-specific treatment, such as a mens rehab program, through multiple levels of care, including inpatient, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, and aftercare.

If you’re struggling with an addiction in the Memphis, TN area, Memphis Recovery Centers can help. Reach out to them today to learn more.

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